Off The Rail Brewing Company Launches “Spirit Lifter” Pilsner In Support of John Mann of Spirit of the West and His Fight with Alzheimer’s

Vancouver, BC, Canada | For over three decades Spirit of The West entertained us all with their blend of folk, celtic, rock and pop music becoming one of Canada’s most successful, influential and socially conscious bands. In 2014, the then 51-year-old lead singer John Mann received a diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s and a year later the band performed their farewell concert during a three-night run at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver. 

In recognition of John Mann’s brave and continued struggle with the disease, Off The Rail Brewing Company has created the “Spirit Lifter” pilsner to raise awareness and funds for John’s on-going treatments. 

The” Spirit Lifter” pilsner will be available at BC liquor stores and licensed retail locations throughout the province June 15 to September 1. As Alzheimer’s has now taken center stage and continues to progress, proceeds of sales will go to John Mann and his family for his continued and evolving care. 

Recognition for their gracious contributions go out to Northwest Hop Farms, Mile 37 and Perry Chua Brand Design. 

The connections that bridge music, craft beer and the band are closely tied in with Steve Forsyth and his family who owned the legendary Railway Club for over twenty-seven years. Spirit of The West started their career at the club and Steve’s sister Janet managed them for many years. 

As founder of Off The Rail Brewing Company, Steve came up with the idea to celebrate the spirit of the music and craft beer as a way to give back to John and his family. The “Spirit Lifter” pilsner was enthusiastically approved by John’s wife Jill Daum and fellow band mate Geoffrey Kelly. 

John and Jill have been together for over twenty-nine years and have found a collective strength in the kindness and compassion of other artists, musicians, fans and family. “Things just get harder and you have to constantly adapt to it getting more and more difficult and the person you love getting farther and farther away,” says Jill. 


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